Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

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Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

in Lake Forest, Illinois

The majority of Men will experience some form of impotence in their lifetimes, and the likelihood of erectile dysfunction symptoms increases with age.  Several factors can cause erectile dysfunction, especially in older men. In average, healthy men, voluntary erections begin as a message in the brain that enters the spinal column, ending in the penal arteries.

As men experience impotence, ED specialists in Lake Forest, IL, provide effective treatment options to accommodate all lifestyles. Call your local Lake Forest men’s health doctor if you are showing signs of Erectile Dysfunction.

“In the United States, over 30 million men have experienced erectile dysfunction. Over 152 million men worldwide suffer from ED. Studies show that over 322 million men will have erectile dysfunction by 2025.”

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Good sexual performance requires well-balanced hormones, strong penile blood flow, and a grasp of you and your partners needs.  The Forest Lounge in Lake Forest,  IL offers sexual medicine for men that emphasize all three of these key components.  Optimize your performance and sexual intimacy.

ED Treatment Lake Forest IL

Erectile Dysfunction Oral Medication

For many of the 30 million Americans affected by erectile dysfunction, FDA-approved oral medicines work by increasing blood flow to an erection.  Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are the first line of ED treatment — and they’re successful for about 80 percent of men.

Penile Injections Lake Forest IL

Penile Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

FDA-approved erectile dysfunction injections can be used to trigger an automatic erection. Penile injection is the most effective type of ED treatment for men who can’t take oral treatment.  In fact, it has an 85 percent success rate and is nearly painless. 

Erectile Dysfunction Disorder Lake Forest IL

Hormone Therapy for ED

Hormone therapy with injections, patches, or gels applied to the skin may improve mood and sex drive but are primarily for those without physical or mechanical Erectile Issues.  Let the medical professionals at The Forest Lounge guide you in the right direction.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in Lake Forest IL

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 

In the 14 years or so since Viagra was introduced in 1998, the number of men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED) has increased by a whopping 250 percent.  Men are realizing more and more that they’re not alone and that they have options for Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in Lake Forest, IL.

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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Therapy for Men in Lake Forest, Illinois

If you are experiencing any of these Erectile Dysfunction symptoms, regardless of age, consider Erectile Dysfunction Treatment at The Forest Lounge Medical Center.

Health / Psychological Related Factors

Drinking Too Much Alcohol
Using Illegal Drugs
Being Overweight
Not Being Physically Active
Fear of Sexual Failure
Stress about Sexual Performance
Low Self-Esteem

Disease / Condition Factors

Type 2 Diabetes
Heart and Blood Vessel Disease
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Kidney Disease
Peyronie’s Disease
Injury to the Penis, Spinal Cord or Prostate
Injury to the Bladder or Pelvis
Surgery for Bladder Cancer

Certain Medications

Blood Pressure Medicines
Prostate Cancer Medicines
Tranquilizers, or Sedatives
Appetite Suppressants
Ulcer Medicines

Are you a Candidate for Erectile Dysfunction Therapy?

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How does Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Work?

in Lake Forest, Illinois

Hormone Doctor Lake Forest IL

First Consultation

An Erectile Dysfunction consultation is the first step in learning which treatments are best for you. We will study your medical history and symptoms while anticipating the benefits you can expect to experience. Bloodwork can begin on day one.

BHRT Lake Forest IL

Bloodwork Results

Consult with a specialized Forest Lounge Medical Professional about your results. In this phase, you will learn about important markers in your biochemistry, your hormones’ current state, and your health.

Testosterone Clinic Lake Forest IL

Personalized Plan

Your personalized optimization treatment will be determined by: Your biochemical markers, individual symptoms, and long-term personal goals. An Individualized Erectile Dysfunction Program just for you.

Lake Forest TRT


 Begin seeing significant improvements in your overall health, sex drive and confidence.  We look forward to transforming you back into your youth. Optimize your performance and sexual intimacy today!

Optimize your Sex Life with Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

“Where can I find an ED Clinic near me?” look no further. The Forest Lounge is focused on optimizing your Sex Life with Cutting Edge treatments in Erectile Dysfunction.  Please schedule a consultation to meet with one of our ED specialists. Our male clinic provides the best Erectile Dysfunction treatment options and knowledgeable staff to treat all forms of sexual impotence.

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You need a trusting medical professional, who is there when you need them, takes time to listen, who cares.  Welcome to The Forest Lounge.

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One Flat Fee for TRT. Regardless of Your Dose

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is not a "One Size Fits All" Solution. Every Patient is unique, but with our "Flat Fee Policy," your Bill will not increase based on Dose.

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One Cost.  No Contracts.  Pay as you go. No need to worry about Cancelling a Subscription or getting that surprise Medical Bill.  Straightforward is what our Patients prefer.

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