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About Us – Our Team

in Lake Forest, Illinois

Welcome to The Forest Lounge Medical Center, where our exceptional team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing personalized primary care and cutting-edge treatments in Lake Forest, IL.  Our state-of-the-art facility specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss, anti-aging and performance peptides, IV vitamin therapy, and advanced skin treatments.

With a commitment to compassion and excellence, our staff works tirelessly to tailor comprehensive care to meet your individual needs.  We pride ourselves on fostering a welcoming environment where patients feel empowered to prioritize their health and wellness.  Discover the difference at The Forest Lounge Medical Center and learn more about our Team below.

Ruchit Shah, M.D.


Dr. Shah is an American board-certified internal medicine physician who has delivered exceptional personalized medical care to patients for over ten years. After graduating “magna cum laude” in medical school, he went on to complete a surgical internship at St. Joseph mercy hospital in Michigan, followed by three years of internal medicine residency training at the Icahn School of Medicine at mount sinai in New York.

Dr. Shah has been practicing acute care medicine at one of the largest health systems in the country post-residency and is now broadening his clinical horizon to serve a broader patient population and their needs.

His multidisciplinary medical training, coupled with his innate interest and expertise in integrative medicine, which includes yoga therapy, ayurvedic medicine, and biological therapy, has allowed him to master carefully curated treatment modalities for many individual ailments.  A sound mind propels a good body, the principle that Dr. Shah practices to help improve all his patients’ health and wellness. The Forest Lounge is excited and proud to have Dr. Ruchit Shah as its medical director. 

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Allana Bush, N.P.


Allana Bush, FNP-C, is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a wealth of experience and a passion for holistic patient care. Licensed in multiple states, including California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, and Wisconsin, Allana brings over 16 years of expertise to our medical team.

Throughout her career, Allana has been dedicated to helping her patients recover, maintain, and promote long-term health. Her extensive background in providing comprehensive patient care, preventative medicine, and women’s health services underscores her commitment to holistic care.

At our practice, Allana’s expertise and dedication ensure that each patient receives the highest quality of care. Her exceptional skills in patient education, personalized primary care, and critical thinking make her a valuable addition to our team.

With Allana on board, you can trust that you are in capable hands, receiving care that is tailored to your unique needs and delivered with compassion and expertise. We are proud to have Allana as part of our team, and we look forward to serving you with excellence in healthcare.

Shaily Patel, N.P.


Shaily Patel, FNP-C, is a dedicated and compassionate Nurse Practitioner with over seven years of experience across various healthcare settings.  Her journey in healthcare began with roles in pharmacy, home health, nursing homes, and rehabilitation nursing before transitioning into gastroenterology settings.  Throughout her career, Shaily has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, motivating her colleagues to provide exemplary patient care.

With a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from Chamberlain University, specializing in Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Shaily is committed to delivering holistic care to her patients.  She is fluent in English, Gujarati, and Hindi, enhancing her ability to connect with patients from diverse backgrounds.

Shaily’s passion for helping others shines through in her patient-centered approach. She excels in communication, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, and adapting to new environments.  As a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C), Shaily possesses a strong foundation in clinical skills, including patient assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and follow-up care.

In her current role at The Forest Lounge Medical Center, Shaily leads the development and implementation of personalized treatment plans for Telemedicine patients seeking anti-aging interventions, hormone replacement therapy, and medical weight loss solutions.  She conducts thorough patient assessments, collaborates with healthcare professionals, and educates patients on self-management strategies.

Shaily’s dedication to providing high-quality care extends beyond her clinical practice. She actively participates in continuous education and training to stay abreast of advancements in anti-aging medicine, hormone replacement therapy, and medical weight loss therapies.

With a proven track record of excellence and a genuine commitment to her patients’ well-being, Shaily Patel, FNP-C, is a valued member of the healthcare community, embodying the principles of compassion, integrity, and excellence in nursing practice.

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Personalized & Compassionate Care

You need a trusting medical professional, who is there when you need them, takes time to listen, who cares.  Welcome to The Forest Lounge.

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Same Day Appointments?  No up-charge. No hassles. No problem.  Our #1 Goal is to service your needs the easiest way possible. Let's get you in!

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Our Experience, Advanced Technology, and Compassion for Quality Care – all delivered in a warm environment are what sets us apart.

Convenient In Person or Virtual Visits

We understand Life moves fast. Enjoy Convenient Follow up visits even while you are on a tight schedule.  We make it work for you!

Flat Fee for TRT Treatments.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is not a "One Size Fits All" Solution. Every Patient is unique, but with our "Flat Fee Policy," your Bill will not increase based on Dose.

No Co-Pay, Bills or Insurance Surprises

One Cost.  No Contracts.  Pay as you go. No need to worry about Cancelling a Subscription or getting that surprise Medical Bill.  Straightforward is what our Patients prefer.

Enjoy Easy & Efficient Refills

Telemedicine allows you to Fill a prescription online without always coming in physically.  We understand the balance of delivering quality care with In person and virtual visits.

Local Pickup and Free Delivery

Prescriptions delivered to your door.  You can count on our Local Pharmacy Partners to Deliver your medications to you on time, every time.  For Free!

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