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Get a Tirzepatide online prescription for obesity. Glp-1 and
compounded TIRZEPATIDE Medications include
the same active ingredient in Mounjaro ®* and Zepbound ®*

Compounded Tirzepatide Prescribed Online

Weight Loss and Diabetes Treatment with Tirzepatide Telemedicine

Experience our Online Tirzepatide Telemedicine Program and start losing weight in just a few easy steps!  Our Healthcare Providers at The Forest Lounge Medical Center focus on your Health, Wellbeing and overall Tirzepatide Telemedicine Experience while applying a “Result Oriented” approach to your Weight Loss Goals.  If you’re contending with weight loss difficulties, Tirzepatide offered through our Online Tirzepatide Prescrption program could be the ideal treatment solution for you.

“After 12 weeks of intensive lifestyle intervention, Tirzepatide resulted in an additional 21.1% weight loss, bringing the total mean weight loss from study entry to 26.6% over 84 weeks.” – The complete findings from the SURMOUNT-3 trial were released in Nature Medicine and presented concurrently at ObesityWeek® 2023.

Lost 20% Body Wt

% of Adults with Obesity who lost 20%+ Body Wt from Baseline to 88 Wks

A1C Less than 7%

Median time to reach HbA1c < 7% for Adults with type 2 Diabetes

Weight Loss at 72 wks

Weight Loss with Tirzepatide at 72 Weeks among Adults with Obesity and type 2 Diabetes

80% Maintained

Percentage of Adults who maintained 80% of Weight Loss at 88 Weeks

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Compounded Tirzepatide Pricing Details


One Cost.  Billed Monthly.  No Contracts.  Pay as you go.  No need to worry about Cancelling a Subscription or getting that surprise Medical Bill.  Straightforward is what our Patients prefer.


Tirzepatide Online Pricing Details:


$399 – One time cost that includeds:
+ Full Comprehensive Label Panel *
+ Review of your Medical History, Discussion & Plan personalized to your Health & Wellness Goals.

New Client Special:  $100 Off Initial Consult – Apply Code: new100

Includes 4 once a week injections:
+ Week 1-4 at 2.5mg per wk: $349
+ Week 5-8 at 5mg per wk: $349
+ Week 9-12 at 7.5mg per wk $399

Given the individualized nature of patient care, following Week 9-12, Costs will continue every 4 weeks as usual, contingent upon one of the commonly prescribed dosages as seen below.

+ 4 injections at 10mg per wk: $449
+ 4 injections at 12.5mg per wk: $499
+ 4 injections at 15mg per wk: $499

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Tirzepatide Online Program Includes:


+ Weekly Tirzepatide Medication
+ Libre 3 Glucose Monitoring System
+ 1 Month Telehealth Followup Visits
+ Medically Surpervised Monitoring
+ Lab Panel* / Routine Bloodwork / Analysis
+ All Supplies Needed (Syringes, Etc.)
+ Free Medication Delivery to your Door
+ Personalized Weight Mgmt Promoting:

  • Nutrition Plan
  • Excercise Routine
  • Behavior Modification
  • Long-Term Maintenance

* Please Note our Full Comprehensive Lab Panel: Includes full blood profile (with iron and ferritin), organ function evaluation, hormone panels (estrogen, testosterone, FSH, LH), thyroid function, A1C, cholesterol, stress markers, inflammation markers, and a selection of vitamins (B12 & D). This is much more than most offer.

Start Losing Weight with Online Tirzepatide

Telemedicine for Compounded Semaglutide

BHRT Lake Forest IL

1. Telehealth Call

A Medical Weight Loss Telehealth Visit is the first step in learning which treatments are best for you.  Our Online Application is quick and easy!

BHRT Lake Forest IL

2. Personalized Plan

Your Qualified Forest Lounge Medical Professional will tailor the dose of Compounded Tirzepatide to meet your weight loss objectives.

BHRT Lake Forest IL

3. Free RX Delivery

Your Tirzepatide Prescription will be delivered to your door on schedule, directly from the Pharmacy.

BHRT Lake Forest IL

4. Lose the Weight!

Get Ready to Lose the Weight!  Tirzepatide can take as little as four weeks, with even more significant results as you progress!

Benefits of Online Tirzepatide Telemedicine

Tirzepatide is a medication that targets GIP and GLP-1 receptors to regulate appetite. This dual mechanism helps to increase insulin production, reduce glucagon production, promote satiety, slow digestion, and lower blood sugar levels. It offers a range of benefits, from reducing food intake to improving fat utilization.

Tirzepatide is a safe medication with minimal side effects, which may be lower than other similar treatments. It has a half-life of 5 days, which means it can be taken once a week for convenience and better treatment adherence. Additionally, Tirzepatide not only helps in weight loss but also significantly reduces HbA1c levels and poses a comparable or lower risk of adverse cardiovascular events.

In conclusion, Tirzepatide is a revolutionary solution for weight loss and glucose regulation. It has the potential to provide superior outcomes in managing obesity and type 2 diabetes. Ongoing research highlights its vital role in metabolic health, promising a bright future in medical interventions.

Reduced Blood Pressure
Decreased Weight
Reduced Appetite
Improved Sleep Quality

Reduced Blood Sugar
Reduced Cravings
Improved Mood
Decreased Inflammation

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One Cost.  No Contracts.  Pay as you go. No need to worry about Cancelling a Subscription or getting that surprise Medical Bill.  Straightforward is what our Patients prefer.

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